AI for Executives

A crash course for your leadership team in AI, and what it means for your company.

Artificial Intelligence is making progress on problems previously thought to be solvable by humans — tasks such as playing Go, writing prose and illustrating artworks. This transformational technology is now making significant inroads in commercial applications and can open up a world of opportunity for your business.

Course Description

The AI for Executives course provides a condensed exploration of the key concepts and techniques behind AI and Machine Learning — and how they fit into your organisation.

During this 2-hour course, you’ll explore the capabilities and limitations of these exciting new tools. You’ll also participate in a hands-on brainstorming session designed to identify the most valuable AI projects within your company. At the end of course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, language and framework to talk to both experts and executives about AI.

If you’re an executive or business leader, this course will help you lead innovative projects more effectively within your business — and to use AI in a powerful and responsible way.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at senior executives that are responsible, or who may later become responsible, for the sponsorship and oversight of AI projects within a company.

The course is designed for 4–8 participants. It can be conducted in-person or remotely and has a high level of interactivity and personalisation.


At Neural Swarm, you receive expert tuition from experienced practitioners. Our AI for Executives course is developed by experienced Machine Learning practitioners, who hold doctorate-level degrees in Computer Science.


No technical knowledge is required for this course.


Our pricing is consistent with industry benchmarks for in-person corporate training. Pricing depends on the level of customisation required and the number of participants attending the course.

Learning Objectives

Achieve these key learning objectives by taking the AI for Executives course.

Understand the key concepts behind AI and Machine Learning

We’ll discuss the capabilities and limitations of AI and equip you with the knowledge and language to talk about it.

Learn how to start the AI transformation process within your company

We’ll cover the tools and steps needed to start becoming an AI-centric organisation.

Explore AI use cases specific to your industry

Learn how Machine Learning can drive change and increase efficiency across organisations in your sector.

Identify the most valuable AI projects within your company

We’ll run a hands-on brainstorming session to help you compile a list of promising AI projects.

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