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As Artificial Intelligence makes the leap from theory to application, find out how we can help position your company in an Artificial Intelligence future.

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We focus on applying Artificial Intelligence to accelerate our clients' core businesses. Our team brings deep, technical expertise, while maintaining a strong business-centric approach: from setting the business context through to a successful adoption within the company.

Artificial Intelligence Strategy
We help clients find areas in their business that can harness the full power of Artificial Intelligence. We'll work together to develop a roadmap that ensures that the needs of the future are met, while navigating the bias risks and model interpretability issues unique to Artificial Intelligence.
Process Automation
The rapid advancement of Artificial intelligence has meant that many tasks involving audio, image, video, text and structured data can be automated. From detecting product defects on a production line to extracting provisions from legal documents, our team is able to develop a solution that perfectly fits your business needs.
Data Science Insights
We provide clients with an increased understanding of their customers. Using Artificial Intelligence can mean increased revenue by prioritising sales leads that are more likely to close, and reduced costs from improved forecasting of product demand and inventory levels.
Advanced Algorithms
We develop and implement cutting-edge algorithms while balancing running time and memory constraints. Whether your business needs a recommender system to personalise a mobile app or an inventory picking algorithm to increase warehouse efficiency, we'll guide the process from idea to deployment.


For clients that already have a project in mind, here are examples of Artificial Intelligence solutions that Neural Swarm can build.

Cluster Analysis
Grouping together similar entities within structured data.
E.g. segmenting customers into groups for highly targeted marketing campaigns and preventing churn.
Object Recognition
Detecting and labeling instances of objects in images and video.
E.g. identifying defective products on a manufacturing production line using images.
Object Tracking
Detect and track objects, where they are within the frame, how many there are and when they show up.
E.g. automatically score a game of billiards using a camera.
Chat Bots
Text conversations using an automated dialogue system.
E.g. 24/7 customer service addressing a broad range of issues in natural language.
Recommender Systems
Producing recommendations that target individual customers.
E.g. identifying recommended products based on preferences of other customers with similar attributes.
Sentiment Analysis
Determining whether a view on a subject is positive, negative or neutral.
E.g. monitoring customer brand perception on social media.
Text Extraction
Mining structured data from prose using Part-Of-Speech tagging and named entity recognition.
E.g. extracting provisions from legal documents.
Speech Transcription
Convert audio to text using real-time streaming or pre-recorded audio.
E.g. transcribe telephone calls from a helpdesk.

Our Approach

Our customised approach combines unique business insights with deep technical expertise.

  1. Identify Data

    • Identify sources of value
    • Determine AI use cases
    • Define project scope
    • Validate business case through experiments
  2. Assemble Data

    • Collect data or use existing datasets
    • Feature engineering
    • Impute missing data
    • Analyse and explore data
  3. Build Model

    • Choose model and evaluation metric
    • Train and evaluate model
    • Parameter tuning and regularisation
  4. Deploy Solution

    • Scale adoption across organisation
    • Establish operational best practices
    • Optimise and improve with real-world feedback

About Neural Swarm

Neural Swarm is a boutique Artificial Intelligence consulting firm that provides a wide range of services to a diversified client base, from fast-growing startups to innovative corporations.

With a presence in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, we work together with our global clients to build Artificial Intelligence driven organisations.

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