AI Strategy

Bold strategies that strengthen your company in an AI future.

The fast-paced nature of the AI landscape demands the development and execution of bold strategies. With AI’s potential to transform every business over the next decade, work with Neural Swarm to determine what this means for your business.

Transforming a company into a thriving AI-centric organisation is a process that requires strong cross-functional collaboration. We work with client teams to assess industry-specific AI use cases as well as building industry-leading use cases from scratch.

How We Help Clients

Our top-to-bottom expertise helps our clients make powerful strategic decisions.

Assess new, transformative AI technologies

Survey upcoming commerical Machine Learning trends and what they mean for your company.

Find synergistic acquisition targets

Shortlist companies with AI capabilities that are complementary to your business lines.

Analyse the cost-benefit of building an in-house AI team

Trade-off the challenges of nurturing in-house talent with off-the-shelf products from AI vendors.

Evaluate migrations to the Cloud

Compare Cloud-based AI platforms using a rubric that includes feature set comparison, fixed and variable costs and vendor lock-in.

Review the impact of regulation changes

Navigate changing regulations that govern AI ethics, training data licenses and authorship of AI-generated works.

Design data collection strategies

Determine how to assemble a dataset that can be used to train unbiased and robust Machine Learning models.

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