AI Development

Powerful AI solutions, tailored to your business needs.

AI helps companies make better decisions, automate business processes and enhance existing products. Combine Neural Swarm’s Machine Learning expertise with your company’s domain knowledge to build an AI solution that unlocks business value.

We help clients find areas in their business that can harness the full power of Artificial Intelligence. We’ll work together from idea to deployment while navigating the risks and challenges unique to Artificial Intelligence. While developing and implementing high-performing Machine Learning models, we strongly emphasise producing fair, compact, explainable and robust models. We employ up-to-date MLOps best practices to build reliable and scalable solutions.

What to Expect

Our work is project-based, meaning there is no vendor lock-in or recurring cost. At the end of the project, you’ll own the code, allowing you to see how it works and modify it as you see fit.

Sprints are two weeks in duration. Our flat hierarchy and small team size allow us to build solutions quickly and cost-effectively. We usually leverage our partnerships with AWS and Google Cloud to bootstrap baseline models using pre-trained models and AutoML. Then, we’ll make marked improvements to the system to meet target model accuracy and other requirements, including building and training a custom model if necessary.

Our Approach

Our customised approach combines unique business insights with deep technical expertise.

  1. Identify Value

    • Brainstorm AI use cases in the AI for Executives course.
    • Prioritise and determine suitability of AI use cases.
    • Create an AI project plan with project scope and objectives.
  2. Assemble Data

    • Collect additional data or use existing datasets.
    • Perform exploratory data analysis on sample data.
    • Engineer features with input from subject matter experts.
  3. Build Model

    • Choose a machine learning model and evaluation metric.
    • Train and evaluate model and tune hyperparameters.
    • Improve model fairness, size, explainability and robustness.
  4. Deploy Solution

    • Make launch decision based system’s ability to meet objectives.
    • Deploy model and integrate with the existing system.
    • Set up model monitoring and maintenance workflows.
  • AI for Executives
  • AI Feasibility Study
  • AI Development Sprints

Our Machine Learning Tech Stack

Here are some of the modern tools we utilise when building AI solutions.

How We Help Clients

Partner with us to develop industry-leading AI solutions.

Develop proof-of-concept systems

Mitigate technical and integration risks by building a proof-of-concept system.

Re-implement cutting-edge models

Productionise Machine Learning models from ArXiv preprints or journal papers.

Migrate existing AI systems to the Cloud

Transform your AI system to fully benefit from the AWS and Google Cloud ecosystems.

Improve model fairness and robustness

Ensure consistent and robust model performance across all demographic slices.

Engineer new features collaboratively

Improve model performance through feature engineering that combines our experience with your domain knowledge.

Build robust data pipelines

Design highly-performant and robust data pipelines that operate on train, valid and test data.

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